Therapeutic & Spirtual Counseling Georgetown - Sun City, TX

Philosophy and Techniques

 I see myself as a guide who gives clients the skills and tools to move themselves towards healing. I believe in empowering each of my clients to direct their own healing. I do not believe that my clients require years of therapy. When clients feel they have accomplished their goals, I let them know that I am there for them, in the future if they feel they need a “tune-up.” 

 I am comfortable using many different counseling approaches; Gestalt, Hypnotherapy, Transactional Analysis, Imagery in Healing, Cognitive, Eastern Techniques, Reparenting, Shamanic Therapy, “A Course In Miracles,” Goddess work for female self-esteem, Kabbalah, Behavioral, Past-life regression. After listening to each client's story, I suggest a therapeutic technique that is best suited for their issue and personality. Therapy or counseling is a partnership, both the therapist and client must commit to work together towards gaining health and peace. 

 I consider myself a “spiritual” therapist. I will help people who want to connect with their higher power within their belief system. I have worked with rabbis, ministers, psychiatrists and lay people. I look forward to working with you. 

My primary goal as a therapist and counselor is the resolution of my clients’ emotional issues and the physical problems that can arise from them.Now accepting a limited number of new clients in the Georgetown / Sun City, Texas, area.

Mind - Body - Spirit Healing
Stress - Relaxation
Forgiveness - Letting Go
Loss - Grieving
Abuse Issues
Past Life Regression
Shamanic Counseling