Our First Meeting

 In our first meeting, I ask each potential client to tell me what is troubling them. I give every person a 'life-script' to fill out at home which I will study and evaluate before the next visit. I will also give the client a relaxation or healing CD for daily use. In my experience, a relaxed frame of mind has proven to increase the effectiveness of counseling sessions. 

 You are empowered to direct your own healing. The joy of watching people grow and come into their full potential is the most rewarding aspect of what I do. My therapy assists people in physical as well as emotional pain. 

 Faith in a higher power, family and friends and observance of religious and spiritual traditions help clients deal with difficult times and thrive. We can work together to attain peace. 

 Please complete and sign the following documents and bring to your first meeting: 


Working Relationship Agreement (pdf)


Limits of Confidentiality (pdf)