About Glenda Rosenberg and Therapeutic & Spirtual Counseling

Over fifty years ago, Glenda Rosenberg attended a meeting for parents like herself who were struggling with their learning-disabled children. Parents were confused about how to help their children and desperately wanted solutions. That meeting began Glenda's long journey to become a teacher and therapist. She wanted to help others who felt lost and overwhelmed, to learn as much as possible about emotional and learning differences and to discover tools that individuals could use to find healing and peace. 

 Glenda's journey has taken her across America and the world where she studied many different therapeutic techniques and cultures. She has worked with shamans in California and Peru, studied healing and imagery, Transactional Analysis, gestalt therapy, the relationship between the body, mind, and soul, hypnotherapy and stress relief. Her quest for answers also led along spiritual paths. She studied Buddhism with Thich Nhat Hanh, studied and taught A Course in Miracles as well as past life regression, soul retrieval and forgiveness with Dr. Bernie Siegel, Louise Hay, Jeanne Achterberg, Jean Houston and Sandra Ingerman among others. 

 She worked at the Mental Health and Mental Retardation Center in San Antonio where she led group therapy for mentally challenged adults and children and their parents. She was a middle- and high-school special education teacher and an elementary-school counselor. She helped create groups that counseled abused children and their abusers, and did pro-bono work with children and adults of both physical and sexual abuse and alcoholism. 

 Glenda has led workshops for hundreds of teachers, counselors, school administrators in self esteem, healing, forgiveness, managing anxiety, communication and adolescent advanced reading and study skills. She is passionate about bringing healing messages and techniques to the general public and had a weekly spot on a San Antonio television station, teaching many forms of spirituality. 

Glenda was born and raised in Texas. She received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Houston, where she majored in Secondary Education, speech and English; a Master of Education degree from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX, with a degree in Counseling; and certifications in Learning/Language Disabilities, Special Education Counseling, and Special Education Teacher. She is licensed as a therapist and certified as a counselor and teacher in Texas. Glenda has lived in Sun City, Texas for thirteen years. 

 Glenda has three children and five grandchildren. 

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